Reconstructing Christmas

︎ Children 7–10 years of age

︎ 1 hour

Our festive trip consists of 4 stops / activities:

1st stop: WOW, Christmas!
How do I see the environment around me changing during the Christmas holiday season? Through images and videos, we will comment and think about what messages the media send for Christmas. Then we will use silent videos to "dress" them with our own music and sounds. Here is a game with Christmas presents / pieces which, if put together, make the biggest gift: creativity!

How do children from other countries celebrate this holiday season? Is there Christmas everywhere? If we had a friend from another country, what would he tell us about Christmas?

Through theatrical play we will travel to distant places and see how they experience Christmas in other countries. Then we will make Christmas decorations inspired by customs and traditions of different countries in order to decorate a colorful and multinational Christmas tree.

Through theatrical play we will relive moments from old Christmas, directing the scene of "then" with animate and inanimate materials. It's time to make a joint Christmas album!

4th stop: PRESENTS, PRESENTS… and other presents!
Are Christmas just gifts? If I did not have items to offer as gifts, what gifts would I give to my loved ones?

Through theatrical play children will come in contact with the symbolic meaning of presents and with alternative forms of offer. Then through the making of a Christmas greeting card they will convey their thoughts to their loved ones.