For Educational Institutes and Schools

New - Innovative Educational Programs based on school curriculum topics:

A great/useful educational tool for educators and teachers of kindergarten, primary and secondary education.

In line with the pedagogical views and cognitive theories regarding children's learning and holistic education through the Arts, ANASSA team organizes performances and creative workshops on subjects related to the curriculum of the School Analytical Program. These programs are created by artists (actors, directors, musicians, visual artists, etc.), scientists and qualified educators, in order to facilitate the educational process and to deepen concepts and ideas by using the "myth", the spectacle, the observation, the play and the imagination of children.

The various performances and workshops are designed in the light of the interdisciplinary approach of knowledge through the Art. The aim of these programs is the targeted learning and holistic education of children through various types of Arts (documentary, visual and media animation) and pedagogical techniques (student-centered and differentiated instructions approach in teaching and learning, active participation engaged by methods such as interactive games, role playing, brainstorming, project development, etc.).

The thoughtful activities, originally created by the team of ANASSA, constitute an excellent educational tool in the hands of educators and kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers, as they include:

  • Topics emerged from both the curriculum and children's own life and experience

  • Interactivity and active participation of the children

  • Accompanying educational material

  • Flexibility to adjust to the space and infrastruction (e.g.: classroom, theatrical stage)

  • Flexibility to adjust the topics and develop them according to one’s needs

Our programs are under the auspices of the Attica Region, of the Association of Greek Physicists and have been approved by the Greek Institute of Educational Policy.