A principle... without principle

Museum of Modern Pottery

Harokopio University,
presented in the Symposium of the Greek Physicists' Union on the topic: "Science and Art - The decoding of their relationship through creation"

︎ 2014-2015

The little heroine of our history wakes up in a marvelous courtyard, realizing that she has acquired two clay legs from her transition to this fantastic world! A strange creature that she will meet there, will help her find her human legs through an exciting journey into the secrets of birth and the evolution of the universe.

Through her effort to discover the beginning of the world, the girl will follow the light on a reverse route. Having learned to recognize opposing shapes, our heroine will see the light which creates space and time, as a single continuum, that reflects like a mirror in our universe, a very different world than the one we know.


Written by: Maria Panou
Director: Dora Zacharopoulou
Sets: Philippos Vassiliou
Costumes: Evangelia
Music: Giorgos Stogiorgis
Choreography: Amalia Kosma
Performers: Dimosthenis Abrazis, Alexandra Sarrigeorgiou
Illustration: Tonga Schneider
Communication: Katerina Harmani