Wells Made Of Glass
(Telling Stories / Stating Myths)

"Theatrical Stage Antonis Antoniou", Athens

Municipal Regional Theater of Crete

Wekalet el Ghouri, Cairo, Egypt

︎ 2010-2011

The Wells of Glass is a theatrical play which emerged through the collaboration of artists of different genres (theatre, painting, music, dance) using Poetry as a raw material. A man's journey into the pagan space of Myth is described through the synthesis of folk songs, under the guidance of primitive female figures that spring from the mysterious world of tradition. The female and male elements are entangled in a series of evolutionary transformations, contributing jointly to the endless cycle of life.


Idea-text editing: Dora Zacharopoulou - Maria Panou
Director: Panagiotis Adam

Sets: Fotini Gouveli

Artwork:  Maria Panou

Choreography: Phaedra Sutu
Music: Dimitris Theocharis

Lighting: Christina Thanassoula
Performers: Dora Zacharopoulou, Eleni Yfanti, Giorgos Stavrianos