Art workshops based on the work of great painters of the 20th century

︎ Children 4-8 years of age
︎ With the approval of the Hellenic Institute of Educational Policy & the Ministry of Education

Art workshops introduce children to the world of shape, color and art in a fun and creative way. They get to know the work and history of the great painters Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Joan Miró, Sonia & Robert Delaunay and Kasimir Malewitsch. They search, find and list the shapes, distinguish colors, recognize sizes and volumes, discovering all the "hidden" details with the help of animators. Then little painters develop their artistic skills as they experiment with materials and techniques to create their own works of art, thus expressing in the best way their feelings and ideas.

︎ 1 hour + 15 minutes

Wassily Kandinsky - Making a world from scratch!
"The geometric point is an invisible being. It must therefore be defined as intangible. From a material point of view, the point is equivalent to Zero. But Zero hides various human qualities ". - Wassily Kandinsky

Paul Klee - A Walk on the Point and the Line
"A painting is just a line that went for a walk" - Paul Klee

Joan Miro - Paintings like poems, colors like music
"I try to put colors like words that form poems, like notes that form music" .- Joan Miro

Sonia & Robert Delaunay - Dancing with the eyes
"Vision is the real creative rhythm" - Robert Dealaunay

Kasimir Malevich - Emotions transformed into shapes
"For the supremacist artist, the appropriate medium is the one that offers the fullest expression of pure emotion and that ignores the commonly accepted meaning of the object" - Kasimir Malewitsch

Workshops designed by Dora Zacharopoulou, Ira Magaliou, Alexandra Sarrigeorgiou