Science Workshops for Children

︎ Children 8-12 years of age

︎ 80 minutes

Dive in the micro-world!
(online/in person)
We may not see them, but they are there. In the depths of a small drop of liquid, on a grain of sand, on the tip of our hand, there is a whole world, a new, wonderful, different universe. Bacteria, germs, microorganisms, coexist and compete with the sole purpose of continuing life. Come and discover these new friends, understand their functions and purposes and learn how to live with them in peace!

My own microscope
(online/in person)
A fun workshop where children will make their own microscope and understand the basic principles of its operation. With simple materials and creative mood, children are equipped to start their journey in themicro-world.

Darwin's Finches. Run with them in the race for survival!
(in person only)
These finches live in the Galapagos Islands and met Darwin in 1835. They are not very fancy, but scientists are thrilled with them! Triggered by their great diversity and their special eating habits, from fruit to blood (!), in this workshop we will get acquainted with Natural Selection, the driving force of Evolution of Species on Earth. Yet survival is not an easy task! In groups,armed with our beaks, we run in the collective struggle of our species for survival. Is there a winner or is there space for everyone?

Crossing the globe
(in person only)
Where would you like to travel? Did you know that other living organisms also like travelling to different destinations? Let's find the stunning routes of the most travel-loving animals on the map and explore why these excursionists dedicate their entire lives to travel.

Soil: The world underneath your feet
(online/in person)
In this workshop we will discover the secrets that are hidden underneath our feet. Why are the soil and its layers so important to life on Earth? We investigate the dangers this wonderful underground world is facing and accept the responsibility. What can we change to protect it? Finally, to realize what we have learnt, we build a sweet model of the soil!

Plants’ cooking
(online/in person)
Sometimes we forget they are alive, but plants have been inhabitinh Earth before us! Without them we would not survive. Come and travel to their magical world and get to know their sweet cooking! Through experimentation, observation and valuable knowledge from books, we will discover the wonderful process of photosynthesis and the gifts it offers us.

A bee-friendly garden
(online/in person)
Discover the magical world of bees and aromatic plants! To meet these wonderful creatures, to discover what pollination is, to see what is hidden in the flowers, to see the pollen under the microscope, to play and have fun making our own aromatic plants garden.

The adventures of a naughty drop
(in person only)
How well do you know water and its transformations? What happens inside a drop of water? Let's get re-aquainted with water, experiment to discover its properties, dive in its secret world using the microscope and discuss its significance. An interactive workshop full of coolness and surprises for children!

Mission: Space Eggs
(in person only)
Before any space mission, scientists work for a long time designing, conducting tests and measurements, evaluating and presenting their results. We will follow this process to meet a challenge: to throw eggs from a great height without breaking them! Children will work in groups to design and build a spacecraft that can transport the "eggstronaut" to the ground safely. Through experimental demonstrations the young scientists will come in contact with the physics hidden behind free fall and eggs. They will design and build their spacecraft with kitchen materials using their imagination, critical thinking and team-work to achieve their goal. Will they succeed to the final test or will they break the eggs?

From the Sun to Cookies
(online/in person)
In this workshop we will work together to understand how the most popular food in the world is produced: glucose! Experimental materials that we will take home and materials in our home will help us unlock the mystery of the food pyramid! From the Sun to cookies!

Eat and Think: Nutrition and the Brain
(online/in person)
In this workshop we will learn about the foods that are necessary for our brain to function properly. We will unlock the brain’s door to meet its cells and we will investigate how memories and thoughts are created. How did the first humans evolve into the wise humans of today?

All workshops designed by Katerina Tsikalaki, biology educator, M.Sc.Ed.

Production and Artwork by Dora Zacharopoulou

Curated by Alexandra Sarrigeorgiou

Kind contribution by John Alexopoulos and Hera Magaliou