The little dreamer and the magical world of shapes

An educational story about shapes and the importance of cooperation and friendship.

︎ LEDU, ARSIS Non-formal Education Centre, 3 December 2019

︎ Municipal Library of Leros, 4-5-6 December 2019
︎ Intercultural Primary Schools of Athens, 24-28 February 2020

︎ 10 free activities for students aged 4-7 years old

︎ Duration of performance & educational activity: 70 minutes
(performance: 40 minutes & educational activity: 30 minutes)

A point is thinking... a line is created and... anything is possible...
Anassa group travels to Leros with the educational action "The Dreamer in the Magic World of Shapes" which will be presented at the Municipal Library of Leros on December 4,5,6, 2019 for Kindergarten and Primary School students, at Ledu, Non-formal Education Center of ARSIS on December 3 for refugee-migrant children and in Athens, at the Intercultural Primary Schools on February 24-28, 2020.


This is an interactive performance with a parallel projection of stop-motion animation that introduces children to the world of geometry in a simple, intelligent, pleasant and creative way, through movement, play, imagination, emotions and the use of technology.

Based on the story of a point that "dreams", young spectators follow the birth of the Line, the Angles and all the Shapes, which cooperate, interact and "play" with each other, creating the magical world of "Flatland".

The performance is followed by an educational activity consisting of projections of Wassily Kandinsky's paintings and constructions, which aims at understanding the theme of the performance and deepening the concepts formulated during the performance.

The aim is for children to discover not only the hidden beauty of Mathematics but also the necessity of personal movement, cooperation and diversity for the achievement of any goal.


Text – Direction: Dora Zacharopoulou
Music: Xenophon Yfantis
Choreography: Anastasia Georgala
Costumes: Evangelia Boumbouli
Performance: Marikaitis Hadjisolomou
Facilitators: Dora Zacharopoulou, Anna Polychronopoulou, Lucia Tzortzopoulou, Filippos Vasileiou
Graphic Design: Kostis Vassiliadis
Graphic design of the educational brochure: Smaragda Pappa
Trailer: Lucia Tzortzopoulou
Video and photo coverage: Lucia Tzortzopoulou and Irini Demetriou - Kouva
Public Relations - Communication: Elena Griva


Directior: Agathi Darlassi
Director of Photography: Nikos Pastrikos Clay & paper creator: Ira Magaliou Editing & post production: Agathi Darlasi & Nikos Pastrikos

The rap song of the triangle was written and sang by Michalis Grammatopoulos

The film is the creation of ANASSA & STORYLAB

Educational action design: Dora Zacharopoulou, Alexandra Sarrigeorgiou

With the support of the Municipality of Leros and D.O.PAI.S.A.P

With the collaboration of the Municipal Library of Leros and LEDU, Non-formal Education Centre of ARSIS