mAPs - migrating Artists Project

Anassa team participated in the production and community actions of the mAPs project in Greece, in collaboration with the MØZ Foundation. mAPs - migrating Artists Project takes place in Greece, France, Germany, Finland and Italy with the aim of producing dance films that address social issues, creating a porous relationship between professional artists and the regions where they work. It is a transmedia collaboration project between the five European countries committed to strong ethical values, challenging contemporary social issues and engaging communities in creative processes through positive discussions, shared experiences, feedback and actions. mAPs project creates conditions of trust and transparency to build an organic dialogue between these forces in order to generate a framework of lively exchanges.
[ https://migratingartists.com/ ]

mAPs Project Manager in Greece : Badeka Chrysanthi - MØZ | www.chrysanthibadeka.com

In collaboration with PEON non-Profit – Polina Kremasta, Orestis Tatsis
And with the support of the Greek Ministry of Education and Grow

mAPs EU Project Partner - Leader
France : DAN.CIN.LAB | https://www.dancinlab.co/

mAPs EU Project co-Partners
Germany : TANZRAUSCHEN | http://festival.tanzrauschen.institute/
Italy : COORPI | https://coorpi.org/
Finland : MALAKTA | https://www.malakta.fi/