Online Educational Workshops for children and teenagers - January-April 2021

︎ Voreeios Library of Maroussi Municipality

Following the successful actions at the Voreeios Library, Anassa Group continues its cooperation with the Municipality of Maroussi, presenting a program of online educational workshops for children and teenagers with a variety of themes from January to April 2021. The program will be presented at the Voreeio Library and is offered free of charge by the Municipality of Maroussi to all children who wish to participate.

Workshop Program

Saturday 23 January My microscope
(Science workshop for children 8 - 11 years old)

A fun workshop that gives children the opportunity to build their own microscope and understand the basic principles of its operation. With simple materials and a creative attitude, children are equipped to start their journey into the Microworld.

Saturday 30 January The ground beneath your feet
(Science workshop for children 8-11 years old)

In this workshop we will discover the secrets that lie beneath our feet. Why are the soil and its layers so important for life on earth? We investigate the dangers facing this wondrous underground world and take responsibility. What can we change to protect it?

Saturday 13 February Press... blow... dance!
(Sculpture workshop for children 7-10 years old)

An art workshop that, through selected activities, connects Cycladic art with the contemporary creations of famous artists (Picasso, Henry Moore, Giacometti, etc.). The projections, kinetic games and participatory activities shed light on man's need to create models and heroes and are a starting point for the search for the idol of today. Clay and foil figurine toys are combined with movement games and dance, giving a multifaceted, creative and highly experiential approach.

Saturday 27 February A world above your head! Hats, crowns, helmets & more... (costume workshop for children 8-11 years old)

Come and travel to Ancient Greece, Japan, China and India, learn about the origins of the hat, meet knights and more.

Saturday 6 March This is Lysistrate! ancient theatre - tunic & mask
(costume workshop for children 8-11 years old)

Come and learn about a key part of theatre, costume making, travel through time, meet heroes of the world repertoire and dress them up to bring them to life before our eyes.

Saturday 20 March Discovering the world of Theophilus
(art workshop for children aged 7-11)

A workshop - introduction to the painter Theophilos. Heroes, landscapes and symbols, emerge through his paintings and become a reason to get to know better his life and the concepts that are captured in his works.

Saturday 10 April Well-hidden secrets and stories of great painters (art workshop for children 7- 10 years old)
There are many painters who hold a special place in the history of painting because they have created great works that have retained their brilliance and value through the centuries. Come and discover their hidden secrets through their paintings and tell their stories! Finally, by reconstructing them, make our own works of art.

Saturday 24 April Resurrection in 1000 ways!
(educational intercultural workshop for children 7-11 years old)

Customs and traditions related to the celebration and meaning of the Resurrection. How do we celebrate Resurrection in Greece and around the world? The children will make their own candle!

Time 17:00-18:00

Workshop materials are provided free of charge to the participants and will be collected from the Voreeios Library.

Those interested are kindly requested to register their participation in time by calling 210 6147181, given the limited number of places.